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Axiland creations is a wordwide supplier for wholesale CrystAX Rhinestone, Hot fix Rhinestone, Flat Back Crystal, Fancy stone, Crystal for dance and Jewellery making supplies. 
This website is only for WholeSale . If you want Retail Shopping please let us to know your location than we can provide nearest address to you. 

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Hot-fix Catalog for All categories

In this catalog you can find all of our hotfix products. Note that the actual catalog will need to confirm your order

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Fancy Stones Crystax Brand

Fancy Stones are popular design elements because they are offered in more than 40 different shapes and cuts, in the finest classical crystal colours / effects and in the latest trend colours / effects, as well as in a large range of sizes. Their pointed back facilitates application in settings or they can be directly set and glued into pre-cast cavities.

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Hotfix Epoxy and Nailhead

High Quality Hotfix Epoxy and Nailhead catalog.